In Love With The Process Podcast: Episode 30 - Teaming Up with A Cinematographer (feat. DAVID KRUTA)

“12KM” & “WHO’s THERE” cinematographer David Kruta sits down with long time collaborator Mike Pecci and together they discuss the importance of a director and cinematographer love affair. The two discuss Kruta’s start in the business, how to find a cinematographer, lens choices and the overall art of visual story telling. It’s the kind of conversation you wish American Cinematographer would publish. Pecci also addresses fan questions from @inlovewiththeprocesspod on Instagram.

12 Kilometers

Set against a backdrop of 1980s Russia, a team of scientists and their drill crew have dug the deepest hole known to man. Dredged from the abyss is an entity that brings them face to face with their most terrifying fears.

Who’s There?

A family is haunted by an ancient evil that uses common doors to lure its prey into a lair of unimaginable terror.


Tension Theory Podcast: Episode 14 - DAVID KRUTA - CINEMATOGRAPHER

David Kruta is a cinematographer who’s been in the film game for the last 10 years. He’s worked with some of the biggest directors and on some of the biggest projects, and through it all he’s learned quite a bit about what it takes to be a creative. We talk about that journey and the process of becoming great in this episode.