Feature shot on Red makes it to #1 at the Box Office

knowing-poster1This past weekend, a feature shot on the Red camera has made it to #1 at the box office. I couldn't care less about the actual film, but it's a good sign that HD and Digital Cinema technology is finally making it into the mainstream. A camera once (and still) embraced by low budget indie filmmakers is finally being seen as a tool to be reckoned with. In addition, it's even better news that I, and other filmmakers who don't always have access to big budgets, can use the same equipment used by Hollywood. The playing field has been leveled. From BoxOfficeMojo:

Leading up to the weekend, the numbers pointed to a first-place showing for Knowing, given its genre, marketing push and the scope of its release, and that's what happened. The picture didn't need stellar grosses to top the weekend as March business has been lagging behind recent years. Overall weekend ticket sales were off seven percent from the same time last year, and attendance was the lowest in eight years.

Knowing unearthed a solid $24.6 million on approximately 4,300 screens at 3,332 sites, which was soft by disaster movie standards but more competitive among fantastical thrillers. It handily outdrew The Mothman Prophecies, Premonition and Next among past similar movies, and its initial attendance was a touch higher than The Forgotten.

Check out the trailer on Apple.com.