Anna Haas Dances Around the Maypole in New Video

Director: Jon Tee/Anna Haas

Director of Photography: David Kruta

Jon Tee of TeeDox Films approached me for this project, and instantly I was hooked. The video is a surreal and creepy look into the life of a doll coming to life under the gaze and direction of her dollmaker. We shot over the course of 2 days in Brooklyn Studios with a small but talented cast and crew.

Here's the video:

Fiery redhead Anna Haas excites the senses instantly with a powerhouse voice and arrestingly honest lyrics, enhancing each line with wildly dramatic stage antics and heavy, soulful piano playing.

A passionate risk-taker, Haas perpetually explores new ways to use the stage to make each show original and captivating, whether by incorporating subtle dance or fearlessly entering the audience. Staggering the thick line of influence of Lady Gaga and Patty Griffin, Haas is careful to keep the focus on the music, using her on-stage antics as an illustrative complement to the songs.

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