The Epic has landed, and it's tiny (but powerful)

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Epic-M #1023. This is the first Epic in Boston, and will be immediately available for hire in Boston, NYC and anywhere that can be reached by man. Contact me for more info. Current package includes:

RED Epic-M #1023

Titanium PL Mount

Titanium Canon Mount

1.8" SSD Side Module

RED PRO Touch 5.0" LCD

Red Pro Bomb EVF

Side Handle


(4) REDMAG 1.8" SSD 128GB

RED Station 1.8" SSD Reader

SmallHD 5.6" Onboard Monitor

(4) Redvolt Battery

Arri MB20 Mattebox

Full Metal Jacket Top Plate EPIC-M

Full Metal Jacket 15mm Light Weight Standard Bracket EPIC-M

Full Metal Jacket Riser Plate

(3) Anton Bauer DIONIC-HC Lithium-Ion Battery

Anton Bauer QR-RED Camera Mounted Adapter for Red Camera

Element Technica Anton Bauer Aluminum Battery Plate w/15mm Speedy Clamps

More Epic modules and accessories coming every day.


The Epic is truly a step forward in camera development - a compact package with insane power. Some of the top names in cinematography have had nothing but praise for it.

“This is the best looking footage I have ever shot… these are the best images I have ever seen!” was his comment. I asked him if this was just his enthusiasm spilling out or if this was actually the case (pretty big statement). He thought for a few moments and said “No, really… this is the best footage I have ever seen from any camera. Ever.” -John Schwartzman, ASC (The Amazing Spider-man, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Rock)

“After seeing “Tattoo” shot on the new EPIC camera at RED Studios Hollywood on a 40’ screen, the only thing I could think was that this looked like it was shot on 65mm film or with an IMAX camera. There was no visible grain or noise with beautiful shadow and highlight detail. The latitude and detail was incredible. I was so impressed that I will be shooting my next feature on EPIC 2.40:1 widescreen." -Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Black Dahlia, Deer Hunter)

And according to Red:

The name is not an overstatement. The much anticipated addition to the RED family is the answer to the professional's wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable camera ever engineered and built. In a package one third the size of a RED ONE, resides a 5K Mysterium-X™ sensor and a 27 layer ASIC, the most advanced processor of its type in the world, enabling EPIC to capture up to 120 frames per second, each frame at full 14MP resolution. EPIC is engineered to be a DSMC™ (Digital Still & Motion Camera), a camera that excels in both worlds ... by design. Providing native dynamic range of over 13 stops and resolution that exceeds 35 mm motion picture film, this is the camera of the epoch. Add to that RED's newly developed HDRx™ extended dynamic range technology and EPIC boasts an amazing dynamic range of up to 18 stops. Purpose-built for perfect multi-camera synchronization, EPIC comes to market at a time when 3D capture requires the sophistication of a new generation of innovative technology. EPIC, very simply, is epic.

I’m looking forward to putting this camera to work, and will be posting regularly about its travels.