On the road for Phish, shooting on the 5D Mark II

Recently, I was called to NYC to shoot East Coast unit for Phish’s new tour promo video. I was contacted by Jason Baum, who produced the Nada Surf video I had shot with director Eli Stonberg. Several days later I was getting in a car with director Philip Andelman to shoot the promo. The concept is from the perspective of a road-tripping traveller who follows Phish from city to city as they play their tour. Tight time constraints made travelling the country impossible, so it was decided that both East Coast and West Coast crews would drive around their cities and outskirts to capture a variety of locations.

We shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with a 24mm 1.4L lens, recording to 16gb CF cards. The camera was mounted to the inside of the windshield using a suction cup and grip knuckle. Our PA Stephanie Shannon offloaded media to a laptop in the back seat as we filled the cards.

We drove from midtown Manhattan up to Bear Mountain, and then back down to Atlantic City. In the process, we picked up city, mountains, countryside and highway areas. The goal was to capture as many large road signs, over which graphics and tour dates would be overlaid. Depending on the lighting situation, I was constantly changing exposure by dialing in new apertures and ISOs. I also used a polarizer to reduce or eliminate reflections in the windshield.

Check out the completed promo below.

Phish kicks off their 2010 Fall Tour on October 10th with a three-night stand in Broomfield, CO and wraps with three shows on October 29th, 30th and 31st at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ (including a very special Halloween show). Dates along the way include stops in Amherst, Charleston, Utica, Providence, Manchester and Augusta. Phish will also headline the sold-out Austin City Limits Festival on Friday, October 8th.

For complete dates and ticketing information, please visit phish.com.