Testing out the Red One for the shoot of "Today's Tomorrow"

Met with several crew members for the upcoming short film "Today's Tomorrow" to test out equipment, specifically the Red One camera and Zeiss lens kit.


Assembly was quite easy, especially with the stripped-down setup we used. This included rods, hard drive/battery cage, monitor, lens, mattebox and a wireless follow-focus system.

Joining me were Jeff Melanson, Elton James and Halyna Hutchins.

Overall, the Red camera is a surprisingly simple piece of equipment that let's a filmmaker worry about making a film and not spend time and energy fiddling with settings, knobs and buttons.

Unfortunately, the rental house was servicing their Zeiss Super-Speed lenses so we were only able to get a set of T/2.1 Planar glass, which are still just as good albeit a little slower. My favorite thing about these lenses - the bokeh. Lights bloom beautifully in the background, and focus on all but one was razor sharp.

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